ESX-1 Quick Start

Hello ElectroSpitter!

Thank you so much for joining the movement with ElectroSpit and the ESX-1 Mobile Talkbox!  Welcome to the future of the talkbox. Know that you are one of the first artists in the world to receive an ESX-1!

Important Guidelines Getting Started:

Download the Talkbox Synth App

  • The app is optimized for the ESX-1 and is the easiest way to achieve great sounds immediately. Download here.


  • Make sure you use the included rechargeable batteries. The ESX-1 will not function properly with standard 9v alkaline batteries. Charge batteries completely before use. A full charge can take up to 90 minutes, and will power the ESX-1 for approximately 1 hour.

Size Adjustments

  • Don’t not pull it apart by the projectors like a set of
    headphones or you could damage the ESX-1.  It should be carefully adjusted from the rear shoulders and then slid on your neck from the side.

Input Volume

  • Turning the volume up too high may destroy the projectors! Please be careful with sound source input volume. Match your instrument volume (keyboard, guitar) to the max volume of the Talkbox Synth App.

Protect the Projectors (speakers)

  • Keep the ESX-1 away from metal objects. The
    strong magnets can pull in coins or keys and scratch the projector. Also,
    do not twist or press on the center of the projector as this can
    alter the performance tuning or damage the drivers.

Check out more important Quick Start info below. Again, welcome to an exciting new era of talkboxing. Welcome to ElectroSpit.

Stay Safe, Stay Funky,


Bosco Kante p/k/a “Bosko”


Quick Start

What’s in the box

  • ESX-1 Tubeless Mobile Talkbox
  • One (1) 9v Lipo Rechargeable 9v Battery [Inside ESX-1]
  • (3) Performance Bands (stored around battery in battery compartment)
  • USB  Battery Charging Cable for 2 batteries

Accessory Pack (Optional)

  • Hard Case
  • Lightning  to 1/8″ stereo audio adapter (iPhone 7 or above)
  • One (1) Additional 9v Lipo Rechargeable 9v Battery
  • 1/4″ stereo to 3.5mm (1/8″) stereo adapter (Keyboard)
  • 1/4″ mono to 3.5mm (1/8″) stereo adapter (Guitar)
  • 3.5mm (1/8″) Audio Cable (Lightning to Audio
    Adapter needed for iPhone 7 and above)
ESX-1 Accessory Pack Product Overview ESX-1 connecting to iOS

Connecting a Sound Source

Step 1: Connect your sound source to the ESX-1 using the recommended 3.5mm right angle cable. Compatible sound sources

Step 2: Power on the ESX-1 and play the sound source to make sure the connection is working



Fitting the ESX-1

  • Adjust the rear shoulder to be fully open
  • Adjusting the sides (for larger necks only)
  • Finding the Sweet Spot (under the chin on both sides of the windpipe)
  • Add the performance band
  • Make it tight enough to seal, but not uncomfortable
Fitting The ESX-1


Set Up a Microphone

  • The best way to hear the ESX-1 loud and clear is to amplify the sound. Use a Shure SM58 or Telefunken M80
  • DO NOT USE CONDENSER MIC as it tends to sound thinner. (Ok a Sony C800g sounds good!)
  • Mic proximity is key to a good, clear tone. Touching the mic grill will best achieve this.

Getting the Best Tone


  • Relax and drop your tongue to open the throat. When you do this, you’ll feel the adams apple (that boney part of in the middle of the neck) drop down.
  • Take a breath, exhale, then hold hold your breath before you start talkboxing. One way to practice this is hold your breath, keep your mouth open, and try to pull air in and out. Feel how your throat is sealed and not letting air out? That seal make for a great talkbox sound. It routes the sound in only one direction: out of your mouth!
  • And remember – mouth the words like a mime – Don’t talk or whisper. If you do, that means the throat is not sealed and the ESX-1 will sound more quiet.
Getting the Best Tone Dropping your tongue let's the sound come through! Open – Sound On With your tongue in this position the sound is blocked! Closed (No Sound)

Making Words

  • Make consonants short and percussive as if your beatboxing. Give, Cali, Bounce
  • Say Vowels A/E/I/O/U
  • Say your name!
  • Say ElectroSpit!

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